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How Megethos delivered a 74% Increase in Qualified Leads in 4 months

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Paid media needs a specific plan unique to your business. We’ll develop a roadmap to increase your paid media sales up to 20% in 6 months.

40% Increase in Conversion Rate

You read that right. A 40% increase in conversion rate. We implemented relevant landing pages for Google Ads campaigns and tested them. In 1 month, we concluded Variant B as the winner with statistical significance. Not only did we see a proportional 40% increase in leads, we found the new pages increased lead quality.

29% Increase in Qualified Leads



LinkedIn is a powerful paid media platform and DoubleDutch wasn't using it - yet. In our PPC Road map we outlined a LinkedIn strategy using lead gen ads to improve the ad experience for the user. Lead volume immediately doubled, with an 29% increase in lead quality just from LinkedIn.

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CRM Integration

Landing Page Optimization

LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads

George Fang, Growth Marketing Manager at Heap Analytics

Megethos has been a pleasure to work with!

The free initial audit they performed highlighted key inefficiencies in our account that we never would have noticed. Just by applying a few simple changes we were able to increase account performance by 1.4x before even kicking of the discussion to work together. Thanks Megethos!

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